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Dear readers,

Here is the list of posts that is almost ready. They should be online tonight, or latest tomorrow:

  1. General Ledger Setup
    1. Accounting Setup Steps
    2. System Profile Options
    3. Securing Ledger Sets
    4. Accounting Calendar
    5. Transaction Calendar
    6. Define Currencies
    7. Define Conversion Rate Types



Dear readers,

Below is the list of posts I am currently working on. Hopefully they will be accessible sooner rather than later.

  1. HRMS
    1. Understanding the ‘Enter and Maintain’ People Form – done (some further documentation pending)
    2. Date Track – done
    3. Recruitment Process
    4. Personal Information
    5. Extra Information
    6. Setup core HR
    7. Core HR Lookups
    8. Person Types
  2. Order Management
    1. Quick Sales Orders
    2. Shipping Process



3 Responses to “Upcoming Posts”

  1. Priya said

    Hi Sham,

    Hope u ok. I need to create an interface which will send data to Account Receivables (Oracle Apps). The interface will read data from an ASCII file and then load it in one of the AR interface. I dont know anything on AR (Oracle Apps).

    Actually the ASCII does not have contain any GL code. I’ve been told that the GL Code is mandatory in order to load data in AR.

    The data for the interface i’ll create will be on oracle DB version 7 or version 8. The interface i’ll develop will be on form 6i.

    I need to know which AR interface table i will have to use. What are the fields i have to populate. Will there be any problem related to the version?

    I need your help.


  2. abaplyram said

    I found this site using And i want to thank you for your work. You have done really very good site. Great work, great site! Thank you!

    Sorry for offtopic

  3. ujwala said

    yes really your post are good

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