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Tax Configuration: Create Tax Authority Party Tax Profiles

Posted by shameemakhtar on July 20, 2009

Platform: R12

Create Tax Authorities Party Tax Profile

Tax Manager –> Tax Configuration –> Tax Authorities Party Tax Profiles

Party Tax Profiles

Party Tax Profiles

Select the Party Type ‘Tax Authority’. Search for the Party Name (the Legal Authority you created). Click on ‘Go’.

Note that unless your attach the Legislative Category ‘Transaction Tax’ to the Legal Authority you will not get the Legal Authority here.

Click on the ‘Create Tax Profile’ icon.

Create Party Tax Profile

Create Party Tax Profile

Check the appropriate boxes if you want to set the Legal Authority as a Collecting Authority or as a Reporting Authority.

Click on the ‘Tax Reporting Codes’ tab to add Tax Reporting Codes.

Create  Party Tax Profile - Tax Reporting Codes

Create Party Tax Profile - Tax Reporting Codes

See Document ‘E-Business Tax Lookup Codes’ to define quickcodes for E-Business Tax.

When you are done, click on ‘Apply’.

Party Tax Profile Confirmation

Party Tax Profile Confirmation

You will receive a confirmation message that the Party Tax Profile was successfully created.


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