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Dear Readers,

Post all your questions here. We will do our best to answer your questions.


Shameem Bauccha


15 Responses to “Queries”

  1. Shiva Kumar said


    I need to know What is Customer Merge and Why are they going to Merge.

    Shiva Kumar

    • Shameem said

      Dear Shiva,

      Please refer to the following two links:

      In brief, it is a facility that you have to cleanse your data in case you have entered multiple/duplicate records for the same customer by mistake. You can merge the customers or the sites depending on your requirement.

      Hope that helps.

  2. Syed Shamshuddin said

    We are in the process of Oracle implementation for our business. I am Key user for Maintenance module and am Senior planning Engineer. I am looking for some functionlities for planning for which the consultant says those functionality’s are not standerd and are unavailable in Oracle. The functionalities I asked for are key requirements for planning and essential and I dont think that Oracle doesnt have those functions. I was key user of SAP and part of implementation team of PM module in earlier company. Please suggest.

  3. priyanka said

    Hello Mr. Shameem,

    I’m new to Oracle Apps HRMS. I wanted to know the following:

    1)how to promote an employee, is there any process for that?
    2)is there any screen to record actingship?


    • NAV said

      catch me on all hrms & payroll issues setups & implementations at

  4. sandeep said


    Can i have the check list for Oracle financials (R12) implementation check list

  5. kumar said

    I have the following requirement..

    Customer->Site->Currency->Remit To Adress…If one customer is dealing in USD and JPY, if i run any report..for USD …USD Remit to Address should come..if I ran for JPY…JPY Remit to address should come inthe can I handle this..

    • You can create multiple Remit to Addresses.

      What kind of report are you dealing with? If it’s a custom report you can always build in this logic.

  6. saikiran said

    i need to know whether min-max planning works with sourcing rule?

    if there are two approved suppliers for an item will two suppliers will get order with sourcing rule..?or this case works with advance supply chain planning or mrp (i heared that works with workbench order and plan orders) how true it is?

  7. Rob said

    On the Personal Details screen of Self Service HR application the update button is not working for some people (but it is for others).
    The returning code to build the screen is chunking incorrectly and the next screen does not get displayed.
    Any ideas what might be causing this?

  8. What error exactly are you getting?

    Check your browser, java applet and applet settings for proxy. Could be any combination.


  9. Dan said


    I have a folling requirement,

    We have implemented Oracle R12 .1.1 and using iProcurement extensively, having a problem in defaulting the product tax category while raising requisition in iProcurement. Is there a way we can default the product tax category automatically at procurement while creating catalogue and non-catalogue requisitions.

    User tend to create 25 to 5 lines requisitions at a time, and they do not want the enter tax manually

    We do not have items stored in our inventory, it’s a non inventory based environment.

    Any suggestions would be highly appreciated


  10. shameem said

    I Need a API or a custom Package that should able merge the Parties and Customer accounts aswell!

    Let me know if somebody can help me out.

    Thanks and Regards,

  11. shameem said

    Any updates on Party or customer merge
    or you can send me across to


  12. lasa said

    pls update AR setup and customer creating screen & FA setup screen send my id

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