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E-Business Tax Setup: Setting Up TCA Geography Hierarchy

Posted by shameemakhtar on July 2, 2009

Platform: R12

E-Business Tax TCA Geography Hierarchy

In case taxes are levied at a level lower than country level (example at province level) or tax characteristics vary at a level lower than country level, TCA Geography hierarchy must be defined.

TCA Geography hierarchy much be set for each country where there is a tax requirement. The TCA geography hierarchy provides a single reference source for all geographical and location-based information for all E-Business Suite applications.

TCA Geography must be set-up before you can define the following tax-related setups:

–          Legal Entities and Establishments

–          Tax Zones

–          Tax Regimes

–          Taxes

–          Tax Jurisdictions

–          Tax Rules

Use TCA Administration to maintain the following aspects of Geography hierarchy:

–          Country Structure

–          Geography Types

–          Address Validations

In our case we are not using TCA Geography Hierarchy as we have only one tax levied at country level.

Shameem Bauccha

1 July 2009


3 Responses to “E-Business Tax Setup: Setting Up TCA Geography Hierarchy”

  1. Jyandeep said

    Hi Shameem,
    Thanks for nice article.. i see it’s quite old but have one question.. I am trying to implement ebtax but dont want to set geography hierarchy as for EU countries we are calculating tax at country level, so i dont want to use geogrpahy hierachy but if i don’t do that, i get error. just wanted to know how did u achieve that.


    • From what I understand, this is required. You cannot forego geography even if you do not use the logic.

      In that case, what you have to do is set geography at country level. This is what I have done. When you define the regime itself you define at Country level. Then we you create the tax within that regime, where you do not want to use geography hierarchy, you set as below:

      Geography Type COUNTRY
      Parent Geography Type COUNTRY
      Parent Geography Name Mauritius (put your country name here)

      No need to define any tax zones or any geography hierarchy.

      Hope this helps

  2. hi shameem,

    I have an issue when managing validation for geography hierarchy when navigating to geogrpahy hierarchy in TCA responsibility. when i choose HZ_Locations table it must show the mandatory attributes for geogrpahy mapping and validation . I could see only one attribute displayed i.e STATE . Why are the CITY, PROVINCE and COUNTRY attributes missing.

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