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Inventory Organization – Receiving Options

Posted by shameemakhtar on June 24, 2009

Platform: R12, 11.5

Refer to document ‘Create Inventory Organization‘.

Receiving Options

Receiving Options

You also need to configure your Receiving Options and input your Accounting for Receiving.

Note, now you have configured your inventory organization. You need to do the same thing for all your inventory orgs (that is you need to configure the Additional Organization Information for all your inventory orgs).

Shameem Bauccha

24 June 2009


3 Responses to “Inventory Organization – Receiving Options”

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  2. organization theory…

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  3. M ANil said

    Hi All,

    When i am defining Receiving Information to the inventory Organization it is showing error page and below is the description

    Error Page
    You have encountered an unexpected error. Please contact the System Administrator for assistance.
    Click here for exception details.

    I had cleared the cache memory by using functional admin but still getting the same error page

    Please help me to resolve this issue

    M Anil

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