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Inventory Organization – Organization Parameters

Posted by shameemakhtar on June 24, 2009

Platform: R12, 11.5

Refer to document ‘Create Inventory Organization‘.

Define Organization Parameters

1. Inventory Parameters

Inventory Parameters

Inventory Parameters

Before defining any Inventory Organization, we need to have a Master Inventory Organization which acts as a central repository for items. After we have defined the Master Inventory Organization, we need to define its organization parameters. Generally we give the code ‘IMM’ to denote the Inventory Item Master Organization.

We need to attach the Master Organization in the Organization parameters. Attach the Inventory Calendar.

Refer to document ‘Define Inventory Calendar‘.

Configure the Inventory Parameters including locator control.

2. Costing Information

Costing Information

Costing Information

The Operating Unit is automatically picked up as the Costing Organization.

Choose the appropriate ‘Costing Method’ (FIFO, Standard, Average). Specify whether to Transfer to GL.

Input the valuation Accounts.

3. Revision, Lot, Serial and LPN

Revision, Lot, Serial and LPN

Revision, Lot, Serial and LPN

If you are using Lot, Serial and/or LPN control, configure this window, otherwise accept the default values.

4. ATP, Pick, Item-Sourcing

ATP, Pick, Item-Sourcing

ATP, Pick, Item-Sourcing

If you are using iProcurement, configure the ATP defaults, Picking defaults and Item-Sourcing rules.

5. Inter-Org Information

Inter-Org Information

Inter-Org Information

Configure this section for Inter-org transfers.

6. Other Accounts

Other Accounts

Other Accounts

Specify the following Accounts:

  • Receiving Accounts
  • Profit and Loss Accounts
  • Other Accounts

When you are done, save and click on ‘OK’. You will get the following warning:

Note-Costing Method

Note-Costing Method

Bauccha Shameem

24 June 2009


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