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How to identify Descriptive Flexfield on window

Posted by shameemakhtar on June 24, 2009

Platform: 11.5, R12

Go to the window in question.

Click on any field in the block where the DFF is found.

Then go to the menu and navigate s follow:

Help –> Diagnostics –> Examine



You are prompted for a password to enable diagnostics

Enable diagnostics

Enable diagnostics

Key in the database password and click on ‘OK’.

Examine Field and Variable Values

Examine Field and Variable Values

Take note of the block.

Click on ‘Block’ and choose $DESCRIPTIVE_FLEXFIELD$

Choose a block

Choose a block

Click on Field and choose the appropriate field (based on the block)

DFF Value

DFF Value

In the ‘Value’ Field you will get the Descriptive Flexfield that you have to configure and the application that the DFF is registered in.

In the above example we have to define the ‘Location Address’ Descriptive Flexfield in the ‘Human Resources’ Application.

Shameem Bauccha

24 June 2009


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