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High Level Setup for Accounts Payable (AP) on R12

Posted by shameemakhtar on June 24, 2009

Platform: R12

Prerequisite (Inventory Shared Entities Setup)

Inventory Calendar and Inventory Organization must have been defined. Inventory Organization Parameters is also required.

Refer to the following documents:

Setting up Organizations

Define Organizations

Define Inventory Organizations

Define Business Group (Document to follow)

Define Operating Unit (Document to follow)

High Level Setup for AP

Setup Options

  1. Define Financials Options
  2. Define Payables Options
  3. Define Payables System Setup


  1. Define Special Calendars (optional)

Payment Terms

  1. Define Payment Terms
  2. Define Distribution Sets (optional)

AP Lookups

  1. Define Lookups (Optional)

AP System Profile Options

  1. Define Profile Options (Optional)


  1. Define Document Sequences (Optional)
  2. Define Document Categories (Optional)
  3. Define Document Sequences Assignment (Optional)

Invoice Setup

  1. Define Invoice Tolerance (Optional)
  2. Define Invoice Approvals (Optional)
  3. Define Aging Period (Optional)


  1. Open and Close Accounts Payables Period


  1. Expense Report Templates (Optional)

Setup Payments

  1. Define Payment Formats (Optional)
  2. Define Payment Process Profiles (Optional)
  3. Define Disbursement System Options (Optional)

Bauccha Shameem

24 June 2009


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  1. Anil said

    Hi Shameem,

    really good one,

    Thank you


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