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Posted by shameemakhtar on June 19, 2009

Beginners often find loads of difficulty to get proper documentation that can give them a proper insight into Oracle Applications Modules with a good coverage of the business concepts and building blocks.

Oracle tutorials (not Documentation or Implementation Guides) are very good to start with and very easy to access. However you need to have an oracle account with the permission to download patches.

You need to know the patch number to be able to search for the appropriate document to download.

At least that’s one of the solutions. The other solution is to actually use the ‘Advanced Search’ on Oracle and this is what this document is on.

Go to

Log onto the site using the ‘Classic Metalink’ Option.

Click on ‘Go’.

The following screen appears:

Click on ‘Advanced Search’

Fill in the following fields:

  1. Product or Product Family: %tut%                            Select ‘Tutor (pro)’
  2. Release: %11i% or %R12%                                              Select as appropriate
  3. Platform or Language:  Microsoft Windows (32-bit)
  4. Description: %inven%                                                     Type the Module

Click on ‘Go’.

Click on ‘Download Now’ to download the tutorial.

In case your query returns no result, change the platform and try again.

Hope this is helpful.

Shameem Bauccha

19 June 2009

Click here to download the article


2 Responses to “Tutorials – Download tutorials from Metalink”

  1. Guhanadh said

    Hi Shameem Bauccha

    How to install that Patch on system. Is it a Usefull one.

    • Shameem said

      Dear Guhanadh,

      It’s classified as patch, but it is not a patch that you actually have to apply on your system.

      Once you have downloaded the file, just extracted it on your PC/Laptop. You will get a folder with word documents, powerpoint presentations and an excel sheet with the summary of the course.


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