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Oracle Apps – R12 – High Level Setup for OLM

Posted by shameemakhtar on June 17, 2009

The checklist below should give you a high level overview of setup for the Oracle Learning Management Module (previously OTA):

  1. Define Menus and Responsibilities
  2. Set HR and OTA profile options
  3. Define Training Organizations
  4. Define OLM Lookup Values
  5. Enable Currencies
  6. Define Training Resource Key Flexfield
  7. Define Enrollment Statuses
  8. Define Enrollment Justifications
  9. Define Delivery Modes
  10. Set OTA Waitlisting Options
  11. Schedule Concurrent Programs (requests)
    1. Enrollment and Waitlisting
      1. Enrollment Cancellation and Automatic Waitlisting
    2. Learning Path Reminder
      1. Send Learning Path Completion Target Notifications
      2. Send Learning Path Component Completion Target Notifications
    3. Learning Certification Reminder
      1. Send Certification Notifications
      2. Synchronize Certification Subscriptions with Class Enrollments
      3. Update Certification Subscription Status to Expired
    4. Class Notifications
      1. Send Class Beginning Notifications to Waitlisted Learners
      2. Remind Instructors Prior to Class or Session Start
  12. Assign Roles to Users

Shameem Bauccha

18 June 2009


2 Responses to “Oracle Apps – R12 – High Level Setup for OLM”

  1. Hema Iyer said


    I need to set up 1 level supervisor hierarchy (at most) when a learner enrolls for class. I have set up AME rules appropriately (a rule that is currently being used by SSHR which is already being used by employees).

    However, although AME is set up the classes are getting auto approved. Am I missing something here (the function that calls this Self service function is set to YD).

    We are using Oracle R 12.1.1

    Your feedback will be appreciated.


  2. ali said

    Can you guide me how to assign the catalog role to specific person .I had assign role from user management but still not working ,it was working on one specific person but he had resigned now unable to roles to other user. Please guide me

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