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Oracle Apps – R12 – High Level Setup for Core HR

Posted by shameemakhtar on June 17, 2009

Basic Administration Checklist

Define the following Key Flexfields

  1. Job (Human Resources)
  2. Position (Human Resources)
  3. Grade (Human Resources)
  4. Competence (Human Resources)
  5. People Group (Payroll)
  6. Cost Allocation (Payroll)

Define Descriptive Flexfields where required:

  1. Additional Job Details (Human Resources)
  2. Additional Position Details (Human Resources)
  3. Additional Organization Unit Details (Human Resources)

Complete the following Work Structures Checklist:

  1. Define Locations
  2. Define Business Group
  3. Define Other Organizations
  4. Define Organization Hierarchies

Define Roles

  1. Define Jobs
  2. Define Positions
  3. Define Grades
  4. Define Position Hierarchies

Person Types and Assignment Statuses

  1. Define Person types
  2. Define Assignment Statuses for Employees

Profile Options & Lookups

  1. Set Profile Options
  2. Configure Lookups if required


  1. Run International HRMS setup (if required)

Shameem Bauccha

18 June 2009


6 Responses to “Oracle Apps – R12 – High Level Setup for Core HR”

  1. Priya Agarwal said

    i want to learn about R12 …….

  2. Samreen said

    please kindly let me know :hrms core suit like I just got work in oracle hrms r12 suit…where I have too implement first core hrms and also give them project work structure like time cal culation to complete this module ..

    I would like to know what basic setups we have to do in oracle core hrms module please mention me along with time completion accoding to u
    thanks alot I will apppreciate if u will solve my problem

  3. Extremely well written blog post

  4. Omar said

    You only need the basics! that won’t help you…

    1st: Get to know your project Cycle (PMP cource should help if you don’t have projects experience).

    2nd: Start as a technical consultant for HRMS for about 4 years. (Assuming you are already an expert in pl/sql)

    3rd: Become a HRMS functional consultant for another 3 years.

    4th: Now you are ready to implement HRMS module.

    Or pay someone to implement it for you…

    Copy/Past from a website will not help if you don’t understand what you are doing.

  5. it is only course material.

  6. Kiran said

    People Management also comes under CORE HR? or that require another Licence?

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